Rising Tide Europe Program

A Brief Summary of the Rising Tide Europe Programme

The goals of the Rising Tide Angel Training Programme are to increase women’s participation in angel investing and educate a new wave of angel investors.

Why is there a gender gap in angel investing?

  • Many women aren’t aware of opportunities for angel investing
  • They aren’t asked to invest
  • The don’t feel prepared to make that first investment
  • They are risk averse and shy away from making large investments
  • They don’t know other angel investors and aren’t part of investor networks
  • They don’t see deal flow and aren’t exposed to investment opportunities


The Rising Tide Angel Training Program is an innovative way to learn-by-doing as an angel investor. We will build a diversified portfolio of investments in terms of both sector and geography. Training and educational materials will be provided online, in addition to webinars, monthly Q&A sessions, and deal room access. Mentoring by women who are experienced angel investors as well as local, regional, and national events will compliment the experience.

The Rising Tide Europe Program is focused on investments in Europe. The Rising Tide Programme has 90 female investors from four continents and 25 countries.  It will make investments in 6-10 companies over a 12-18 month period. The lead investors will be nine women with significant angel investing experience that want to support a new generation of angel investors. (CLICK here for the bios of the 9 Lead Investors). The other investors are women that are mostly new and emerging angel investors, but some are also very experienced. Each invested at least 10K Euro.

The nine lead investors will lead the due diligence and decide on the 6-10 investments. Due diligence materials and deal room access will be provided to the new/emerging angels.

Training materials on the nuts and bolts of angel investing, creating an investment philosophy, screening markets, models and teams, due diligence, term sheets, adding value as an investor, and more will be provided on-line, through webinars, and in in-person meetings and workshops. All sessions will be recorded and placed on the platform. The lead angel investors will alternate doing Q&A and mentoring sessions on a monthly basis for all new/emerging investors.

The program will culminate with a women’s investor summit with the Rising Tide US Program participants.